10 Hidden Gems of London that Most Tourists Never See

Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane

Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane

Moving east from the city past Liverpool Street station, you’ll stumble across one of my favourite places in London – Spitalfields Market. After the Great Fire, Londoners needed to move outwards, and so east London became more populated. Hence, a thriving market developed in Spital Square, selling food and essentials to the ever growing communities.

With this movement of people came the inevitable mix of crime, poverty and cholera outbreaks. Oh, and a serial killer, in the form of Jack the Ripper.

Thankfully now, Spitalfields trades on the fact it’s a trendy and fun market full of fashion, food, art, music and curiosities and is must see on any London exploration.

Move a little bit more east and you’ll find Brick Lane by smell alone. Famed for its numerous curry houses, this is a place not to be missed on a Friday night for the best Bangladeshi curries in London. And if curry isn’t your thing, make sure you grab a bagel from the (probably) world famous 24-7 Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery. Ideal for soaking up one or two many cocktails in nearby Shoreditch!


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