10 Hidden Gems of London that Most Tourists Never See

St Dunstan in the East Church Garden

St Dunstan in the East Church Garden

If religion isn’t your thing, then you might not enjoy walking around an old church garden. But this old church garden really is something to behold. For me, Mother nature is my ‘religion’ and a visit here will prove just how wonderful she is.

St Dunstan in the East was named for a 10th Century monk called, unsurprisingly, Saint Dunstan, who eventually became the Archbishop of Canterbury. Badly damaged centuries later in the Great Fire of London, part of it was reconstructed by Sir Christopher Wren. Sadly, most of it was then destroyed again during the bombing raids on London in the Second World War.

Considered too costly to repair, it became a public park in 1967 and nature has allowed all manner of greenery to weave its way through the ruins leaving a beautifully stunning yet somehow mysterious place of quietude and reflection. All right in the middle of the City of London and all its power suits and bankers!


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