10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Halki, Greece

Once a thriving fishing and merchant capital, Halki still retains its majestic aura. Along with Rhodes, Halki is a Dodecanese island, and even though it’s only 75 minutes by ferry from Rhodes, Halki is worlds apart in terms of development. If you love Rhodes but you’re looking for an unspoilt version, this is it.

Halki doesn’t have many hotels, but many of the beach front houses are open as holiday homes. With only one village, this island doesn’t have lots in the way of amenities and things to do, but it sure does promise peace, relaxation and unspoilt views.

Arriving in the port of Emborio you’ll notice the grand 19th century mansions that attest to the island’s illustrious past. Beach wise, head for Pondamos, which is generally thought of as the best beach on the island. Or, go exploring and find your very own favourite! Halki now possesses a sleepier atmosphere than of days gone by, which makes walking around the island a delight. Make sure you visit the 14th century castle perched above the remains of Horio, the view from the top is spectacular.


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