10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Schinoussa, Greece

If you really fancy getting away from it all then head to the idyllic island of Schinoussa, home to a mere 250 residents. This tiny Greek island lies south of Naxos and has a stunning and completely untouched stony landscape.

There are a handful of hotels available on this tiny slice of paradise and as you can imagine the vibe is very chilled out. With only three villages; Mersini, Messaria and Chora, Schinoussa is the ideal place for meandering around, soaking up the Greek island way of life.

You can reach the island by ferry from Piraeus, the main port of Athens and most hotels will meet you off the boat. If you love sailing, then the island’s port, Mersini, is the perfect spot for you. This was also once a handy hideout for pirates, so you might even spot some hidden loot!

Beaches are everything on Schinoussa, so make sure you spend some time relaxing on Psili Ammos and Fikio. If you want to stretch your legs, wander through the village of Hora. There you’ll find the pretty Eisodia Theotokou Church and the icon of the Panayia Akathis. The latter is rumoured to have mystical powers, so you may well fall in love with this island!


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