10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


antiparos, Greece

Lying opposite the relatively well known isle of Paros you’ll find the smaller, more peaceful island of Antiparos. A haven away from the hustle bustle, if you will.

Popular with celebrities and those who value being in a relaxing haven away from the crowds, Antiparos provides the perfect holiday destination for sun seekers, solo travellers, seekers of quietude and anyone looking for peace and relaxation. Visit the incredible cave in the centre of the island, but watch out, if you’re not that stable on your feet or you’re not a lover of steps this day trip might not be one for you – there’s many, many steps!

Antiparos has a choice of secluded, sandy beach coves, offering plenty of space for relaxing and soaking up some rays without any disturbances from stray beach balls or party goers. There’s also lots of small, fashionable boutique hotels offering comfortable stays for couples and families alike. Plenty of beach side restaurants complete this stunning Greek island. No wonder it’s so popular with celebrities! Our tip – Relax with a delicious cocktail at Boogaloo, a trendy cocktail bar in Antiparos square or enjoy one of the best brunch in town at La Louche.


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