10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Kythnos, Greece

Despite being one of the closest Greek islands to Athens on the mainland, Kythnos isn’t well-known to overseas travellers and holiday makers. However, it’s very popular with the Greeks who love going there for their summer holidays in August!

Travel to Kythnos outside of the Greek peak summer season, and you’ll be well rewarded. The beaches on this gorgeous island are pristine and provide the perfect backdrop for lazy sunbathing, relaxing and getting into a good book. Kythnos is also famous for its hot thermal springs, and these are well worth a visit to experience the true mystique (and natural geology) of the island.

Sea taxis are popular on Kythnos too, so make sure you take one to Kolona, a narrow strip of sandy land that connects Kythnos to this tiny island ideal for exploring. You’ll probably spot a few fancy yachts here, too! This island houses most of its permanent residents in sleepy villages high up in the mountains, making the beaches quiet and relaxed places. It’s ideal if you don’t have time to venture too far from the mainland, but still want to experience Greek island life and all those fabulous beaches.


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