10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Karpathos, Greece

Karpathos, along with Rhodes and Kos, form part of the Greek Dodecanese islands. It’s smaller than Rhodes but bigger than Kos, yet it’s still relatively unexplored by overseas travellers. Travel to Karpathos’ main town and port area, Pigadia, and you’ll be greeted by a delightful old fashioned town that is adorable but isn’t to everyone’s liking. Perhaps that’s why it’s not a popular tourist destination.

But give it time, and you’ll learn to love this island, especially if you go further afield by hiring a car and exploring the understated but charming and mountainous interior of this rugged island. The pretty villages are welcoming and make a great pit stop to refuel hungry stomachs and take in the stunning views. Make it as far as the highest mountains, and you’ll discover the village of Olympos with its breath taking views and women wearing traditional Greek dress.

Beach lovers never fear though, you will still love Karpathos. Choose this island over its more popular neighbours and you’ll be rewarded with stunning beaches and crystal clear, blue waters ideal for relaxing and swimming. There’s even a satellite island to explore in the form of nearby Kasos.


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