10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Samothraki, Greece

Also known locally as Samothrace, Samothraki is one of the most peaceful of all the Greek islands. It’s also one of the least visited Greek islands by overseas travellers and sun seekers. So we’re writing about this island really quietly, in case it loses its air of peace and tranquillity by too many foreign visitors…

The Greeks themselves adore this island and it’s almost as if they’ve kept quiet about it to keep it as their own. But that’s not to say that visitors don’t get a warm welcome, because they absolutely do. It’s just a very quiet one. This hidden gem is loved by anyone who visits who cherishes solitude and has a love of nature. Samothraki has a breath taking landscape of lush green forests affording shade from the sun to explorers and a cacophony of species of flora and fauna. It also has plenty of majestic waterfalls that delight anyone who stumbles across one.

Popular with the bohemian set who live in the north of the Greek mainland, this pretty island has definite low key air about it, that some even describe as mystical. If you fancy visiting Samothraki, you’re better off arranging to do so from the mainland, even though there are plenty of islands closer by. Ferries only arrive from the mainland, rather than the neighbouring islands, helping to help keep its air of tranquillity and mystique.


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