10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


If you’re looking for a true, authentic slice of Greek island life, then you may have just found it in Kalymnos. This Greek island has managed to withstand the effects of the busy tourist trade to nearby Kos, a well-known travel destination for backpackers, sunseekers and party goers.

Kalymnos has a strong sense of being traditionally Greek and the locals are fiercely proud of their traditions, heritage and character. This is an island for the active among us, because what it might lack in the party scene, it certainly makes up for in climbing sports. Kalymnos has been steadily becoming famous for its rock climbing thanks to its rocky terrain and stunning rocky drops. There’s even a rock climbing festival celebrating the islands landscape every autumn.

Anyone who loves diving to explore shipwrecks or fishing for sea sponges will also have a brilliant time visiting Kalymnos. Accessible by car ferry from the island of Leros or by air from Kos, if you’re looking for an active Greek holiday, you’ve just found your perfect destination.


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