10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Chios, Greece

Chios is relatively large compared to many of the islands featuring on our list of Greek islands you might not have heard of. It’s the fifth largest of all 6,000 of the Greek islands and it’s still mostly undiscovered by tourists. Even when tourists do visit, they tend to stick to one small part of this gorgeous island, the traditional mastic villages. Although these villages are beautiful to visit, Chios offers so much more.

Hire a car, and you’ll discover a wealth of quiet, peaceful, pretty beaches, and you may even have them all to yourself. Chios is most well-known for its citrus fruits, and you’ll certainly smell a hint of lemons, limes and oranges in the air. The mastic villages shouldn’t be overlooked though. The largest and most visited is that of the historic village of Pygri. But look around and you’ll find all manner of hidden Byzantine villages, long abandoned and left to the ravages of time.

Pygri itself is full of buildings uniquely etched with a black and white pattern called sgraffito, which was common to the Genoese invaders back in the day. With its history, places to explore, quiet, empty spaces and glorious beaches, Chios is begging to be visited. Will it make your adventure list?


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