10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria might be a Greek island you’ve never heard of, but you’ve almost certainly heard of the ill-fated guy that the island is named after. Icarus was the Greek man who “flew too close to the sun” causing the wax to melt on his homemade wing suit leaving Icarus plunging towards the Aegean Sea.

Ikaria is also known as one of the six ‘Blue Zones’ of the world, where residents can expect to live longer than most around the world. This reputation has brought more curious settlers to the island in recent years, but it’s still a slice of genuine Greek island life.

Part of the healthy lifestyle on Ikaria is a love of dancing and joining in with festivities, so make sure you pack your dancing shoes. Especially so during the panigiri season in the summer months when dancing with strangers is the norm! The stunning beaches on this delectable island are the perfect place for resting dance weary legs, the pure white sand and crystal clear, blue waters the ideal tonic for getting away from it all. You never know, you might catch the secret to longevity with one visit, but we’re certain you’ll want to visit again and again!


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