10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Some liken the Greek island of Andros to the Highlands of Scotland due to its landscape of waterfalls, forests and hiking trails paved with stones. But with more sunshine guaranteed than the Scottish Highlands, Andros also offers over 70 beaches all perfect for basking in the sun.

The island situated at the most northern point of the Cyclades, Andros also has a scattering of beautiful villages with curious whitewashed houses that stand out against the brilliant blue sky. It might be a little tricky to reach (after flying to Athens, it’s best to take a taxi trip to the port of Rafina and then get on one of the ferries to Andros that run three times a day) but the trip is well worth it. You’ll be greeted by an almost completely wild slice of paradise.

Lush, green and mountainous, Andros features many streams trickling down from the mountains that have formed gorges in the rocks. This water, from the Sariza Spring is actually bottled and sold all over the world, so make sure you sample some! Andros is also well suited to those who love surfing as its east coast has the perfect windy conditions for the sport.


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