10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Ithaka, Greece

Ithaka is the Greek island famous for having Odysseus as its king in Greek mythology. Odysseus was the main protagonist of the poem The Odyssey written by Homer and legend has it, he was a clever and cunning trickster. But you don’t need to be cunning to visit this island, all are welcome!

Despite the fame of its king, Ithaka is relatively unknown to travellers. One of the Ionian islands, just off the north east coast of Kefalonia, Ithaka has a dramatically jagged coastline and is popular with sea swimmers. The island is a hilly one and is mainly covered with woods, making it an ideal place for exploring on foot or by bike. Those keen on sailing will also love this island due to its beautifully sheltered harbours and pristine waters.

Ithaka is also home to curiously named places of interest such as the Cave of Nymphs and the Fountain of Arethousa. This stunning island is simple to get to, and the best way is to take the ferry from nearby Kefalonia. It takes around 45 minutes to reach the stunning Ithaka shoreline.


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