10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Evia, Greece

Despite being the second largest of 6,000 of the Greek islands, Evia is pretty much unheard of amongst non-Greek tourists. Also known as Euboea by the locals, Evia is situated in Central Greece and is very popular amongst those in the know – the Greeks themselves!

Locals flock here on holiday, meaning that this island has maintained its traditional Greek feel. Evia has everything on offer, from mountainous forests to the most beautiful of waterfalls. Plus, beach wise, it has it all! Evia has sand, shingle and pebble beaches, and for those who want it, even a nudist beach! Easily accessible from Athens, Evia is a two hour drive from the Greek capital along a long causeway. But don’t let the drive put you off, there’s plenty of natural beauty to look at along the way.

Evia’s coastline has a multitude of hiking trails, some of them easily signposted, whilst others keep their secrets close to their chest. Locals are usually more than happy to let the secrets out though, and a stunning trail will await you. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a local taverna at the end serving traditional Greek fare.


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