10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Lefkas Island, Greece

Also known locally as Lefkada, Lefkas is an island with a little bit of a twist – you can drive to it! Lefkas is one of the Ionian islands and is only a short distance from the Greek mainland. So short in fact, that it’s actually connected to the mainland by a small road bridge.

It’s easily accessible by flying to Preveza on the mainland of Greece and then either hiring a car or getting a taxi over the bridge to this beautiful island. This makes it ideal for a day trip or a short hop if you’re tight on time and still want to experience Greek island life. It’s also ideal as a first step into the Greek islands.The beaches of Lefkas are stunning. Think white, soft sand like the most powdery of icing sugar that your toes are just dreaming of sinking into. Lapping at the shores is the bluest of crystal clear waters making this a paradise island.

The villages here are reminiscent of traditional Greek villages and have remained unspoilt by the rapid onset of urbanisation and technology on the mainland. Explore the beautiful sun bleached buildings and valleys teeming with floral life. If water sports are your thing, then you’re in luck too, as Vassiliki and Nidri are both popular with those seeking out watery thrills.


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