10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Kastellorizo, Greece

If you’re looking for a small, quiet, beautiful Greek island, then seriously consider Kastellorizo. The smallest of all the inhabited Dodecanese islands, Kastellorizo is one of the prettiest islands you’ll find on your Greek adventures. The best way to reach this tiny island is by ferry or by air, both a short hop from neighbouring island, Rhodes. It’s nestled in the crystal clear waters around 2km from the coast of Turkey.

The name of the game here is chilled, relaxing days followed by more of the same at night. All with the added bonus of clear skies perfect for star gazing over long, lazy traditionally Greek dinners. Homes here are coloured with beautiful pastel hues and make for great sightseeing if you fancy stretching your legs after a long day of lazing on the beach. Streets are dotted with tiny little tavernas serving the freshest of food, right on the edge of the sea.

There are no cars on this island, except a few taxis. But since it’s only 2 miles across, getting around on two legs really isn’t a problem! And if you’re a fan of the award winning Italian film, Mediterraneo, you’ll love Kastelloizo as it was filmed right here.


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