10 Gorgeous Greek Islands You Haven’t Heard Of Yet


Folegandros, Greece

The volcanic island of Folegandros looks strikingly similar to the ever popular island of Santorini, yet is far less visited. So if you love the stunningly rural landscape of Santorini, but you’re not keen on the crowds, then Folegandros is the Greek island for you.

A high speed ferry from Santorini will get you to Folegandros in just under an hour, and you’ll be greeted by a more understated Greek island where your hard earned cash will certainly serve you further. Explore the charming main town of Hora, dramatically perched on the edge of the cliffs with breath taking views across the cove below. Then, meander around its central squares flanked by whitewashed buildings draped in beautiful flowering bougainvillea.

There are plenty of donkey trails to follow on foot or by bike, too and if you’re lucky, you’ll stumble across a crystal water filled cove. Dawn walks to the Panagia church atop a steep hill are also a popular pastime. Visiting Folegandros truly is living the authentic Greek experience. But for trendsetters and lovers of the finer things in life, there’s still a gentle buzz in the air in the evenings, with its sophisticated bars and restaurants.


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