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Skeleton Coast – Namibia

Skeleton Coast - Namibia

The Skeleton Coast is a 40 km wide and 500 km long coastal stretch in Namibia, a hostile destination that Portuguese explorers once named ‘The Gates of Hell’. Take our word for it, it’s an apt nickname. Boasting golden sands and superb surf, the beaches are beautiful. But the hazards here mean that this is no place to kick back, relax and top up your tan.

The Skeleton Coast’s sea is really rough, with roaring winds and strong currents responsible for countless shipwrecks littering the landscape here. Many of the wrecks have been completely destroyed by natural elements over the years, but a few remain, their ruined and rusting hulls reminding visitors that this is a dangerous destination. But the perils don’t end there.

Eleven different shark species patrol Namibia’s Atlantic waters, whilst things are not much safer on land. Lions, hyenas and other fearsome predators often wander onto the sands, whilst other creatures lurk in the bushes, watching from a place that is sometimes referred to as ‘the land God created in anger’. Looking for a destination for your next beach holiday? Taking everything into account, the Skeleton Coast is certainly a place to avoid.


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