10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Bikini Atoll – U.S. Marshall Islands

Beautiful Bikini Atoll is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It boasts golden sands, warm Pacific waters and exotic landscapes fringed with palm trees that rustle in the breeze. But this magical spot in the Marshall Islands is no place to lie back and relax.

Radiation is a significant risk for all who travel here. And this has made Bikini Atoll a place to avoid. It was here that the United States conducted nuclear tests and experiments in the 1940s and 1950s. Hydrogen and Atomic Bombs were exploded, forcing local people from their homes. Most have never returned. Scientists declared Bikini Atoll ‘safe’ in 1997 but the beaches are still polluted and the risks remain. If you ever go there, avoid to eat anything locally grown!

Furthermore, what makes Bikini Atoll an ‘idyllic’ location is that the lack of offshore fishing in the last century particularly helped the marine life to flourish. Consequently, there are many sharks patrolling the area. Seeking paradise? The Bikini Atoll seem a tad perilous, you may want to look elsewhere.


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