10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Uttakleiv Beach – Norway

Norway is famed for its dramatic landscapes and Northern lights. Every year, visitors flock to the stunning Uttakleiv Beach to see the Northern Lights in winter months and the Midnight Sun during summer. The surrounding landscape is breathtaking, for sure. But this is a spot that has hidden hazards, and those paying a trip should always exercise caution.

Uttakleiv is perhaps Norway’s most photographed beach, and for as long as you’re snapping away, you’re safe enough. But put down the camera and head for a refreshing dip and this becomes a perilous place.

The problem here is the water temperature. Uttakleiv is located on the Lofoten Islands in Norway’s northernmost reaches. This puts it in the Arctic Circle – far north of Iceland – and means the frigid seas with temperatures going as low as 8 degrees Celsius in winter are a hazard to life. It’s a stunning place, but please don’t underestimate the dangers here and stay away from the water. Falls happen after all, and can easily lead to hypothermia.


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