10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Hanakapiai Beach – Hawaii

Hawaii is renowned for its world-class surf and island living. The beaches here are stunning and the shimmering waters warm. But there’s trouble in paradise. Heading to Hanakapiai? Please do take care. The ocean conditions here could not be more hazardous, and drowning is not an uncommon occurrence.

The sand is golden and the sun always seems to shine at Hanakapiai which continues to prove popular, but the strong rip currents, high surf and dangerous shore breaks should never be underestimated. There are no major reefs to hinder the ocean currents here and those unaware risk being swept out to sea. Indeed, even those who know what they’re doing are risking their lives.

Yet some people snorkel around Hanakapiai beach, an activity in Hawai that is most commonly leading to visitor drownings. State health department records of the last 10 years show that Hawaii’s visitor-drowning rate is 13 times the national average and 10 times the rate of Hawaii residents. Fifteen bodies remain missing, whilst a warning sign on the sands keeps a grim tally. Don’t want to end up another statistic? Take our advice and give the snorkel a miss.


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