10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

New Smyrna Beach – Florida

The surf is epic at New Smyrna Beach. But those taking to their boards are also taking a chance. This is a place that has been dubbed the world’s ‘shark bite capital’. It’s always tempting to take a dip. But you should think twice.

It’s such a shame as the shimmering waters are warm, the sands golden and the sun always shining. But the risks outweigh the rewards, and anyone entering the water here stands to be bitten. Blacktip sharks are very common in New Smyrna Beach, so common that it gave New Smyrna Beach the nickname ‘shark attack capital of the world’.

It is estimated that you’re always within 10 feet of a shark in New Smyrna’s Atlantic waters, and even if attacks aren’t frequent, they happen, so take our advice and head elsewhere. Florida’s sun-kissed coast boasts surf spots galore and a safer alternative is never far away. Shark attacks here don’t often prove fatal, it’s true. But anyone thinking about entering the infested ocean should always ask themselves the question, is it really worth the risk?


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