10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Jurassic Coast, Devon & Dorset – England

Another UK beach featuring in this list of deadly beaches is the Jurassic Coast that stretches from Studland Bay in Dorset to Exmouth in Devon along the South coast of England. This coastline is dramatic and rugged, but also stunningly epic. So much so, that it’s earned itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing.

The Jurassic Coast is well known for its sheer cliffs, ancient rock formations and variety of bays and coves to explore, as well as its breath taking beaches. Here, the millennia have carved their way into the earth, leaving behind an extraordinary amount of history perfect for exploring. But, as you would expect from such dramatic scenery, it comes with added danger. Even if you’re an experienced hiker, walker or rock climber, it isn’t advised that you walk too close to the edge of the rugged cliff edges here.

Known for rock falls, coastal erosion and landslides, this beach is as dangerous as it is stunning. People have lost their lives here due to rock falls, and with an ever changing geography, things are only set to continue in the same way. If you do visit the beaches of the Jurassic Coast, don’t hang around too long, and certainly don’t risk your life by sitting under the precarious cliffs above.


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