10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Huntington City Beach, California – USA

Another stunning Californian beach is that of Huntington City. Huntington City Beach sits in the Orange County area of California and is popular with visitors from home and abroad no matter the time of year.

With wall to wall sunshine pretty much guaranteed all year round, locals and tourists alike come to Huntington City Beach to soak up both the sun and the atmosphere. Popular with those who love to lounge, viewing the sunset from a vantage point on the Huntingtin Beach Pier is a must. It’s loved equally by those who love a more active beach experience, the surf here is legendary and attracts surfers from all over the globe.

But lurking beneath the waves, is a danger that’s almost invisible, and certainly unexpected. In the autumn of 2019, hundreds of unsuspecting beach visitors were stung by stingrays as they celebrated Labor Day weekend. These waters are a natural breeding ground for stingrays providing the ideal temperatures for the creatures to hang about and enjoy themselves as much as the beachgoers. But when faced with thousands of people encroaching on their space, they give a nasty nip to legs and feet that get in their way. You’ve been warned!


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