10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Adelaide City Beaches – Australia

Adelaide has many small beach suburbs, among the most popular are Glenelg, Henley, Brighton and Semaphore beaches. They’re all only a short distance from the centre of the city, and provide the perfect, relaxed respite from city life. These beaches attract holiday makers from home and abroad and day trippers alike, all attracted to their chilled out vibe, shopping malls and places to eat and chill with friends. If you’re a fan of an old fashioned wooden pier and feel of the British seaside, then Glenelg even has that, too!

But it turns out, that another, non human being, wants in on the act. These beautiful beaches were full of alarmed swimmers, paddlers and top dippers in December of 2019, when the warm waters saw in influx of the blue-ringed octopus. This sea creature is beautiful, with, as its name suggests, stunning blue-ringed colouring. But it’s equally as deadly. They hide in the rocky shore of the waters along the Adelaide City Beaches, surprising the toes of unsuspecting beach goers.

When the weather is warm, they tend to move towards the shore, where rockpools provide the ideal cooling off places. But they’re highly poisonous to humans and one bite can cause swelling of the mouth, face and neck, causing breathing difficulties. They can also prove to be fatal. So don’t be tempted to pick them up for a photo opportunity!


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