10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Camber Sands, East Sussex – England

Most wouldn’t expect a UK beach to appear on a list of deadly beaches, since most beaches in the UK belong to quaint seaside towns. The most deadly thing we might think of is the ghost train in the nearby funfair!

Camber Sands Beach in East Sussex stretches for three miles along the popular East Sussex coast. It’s dotted with sand dunes making it ideal for private sunbathing, playing hide and seek and enjoying a picnic. It can get quite breezy on this part of the coast, making it perfect for flying kites. However, it’s these conditions that make Camber Sands far from friendly when the winds and tides get whipped up into a frenzy. This beach is known for a hidden but deadly danger ‘ rip tides. These are powerful, fast flowing bodies of water caused by strong winds and even stronger tides.

They result in large volumes of water being pushed towards the shore and then dragged back out to sea again. And they’re no match for children, animals and weak swimmers, who can get caught up in their might. Even the strongest of swimmers would struggle against a rip tide. Officials advise against swimming and the use of inflatables on the worst days. But like all aspects of Mother Nature, they can be unpredictable and entering the water at Camber Sands should be done with caution.


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