10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Second Beach, Port St Johns – South Africa

Second Beach in South Africa is more than just a beach. Known as the Wild Coast, it’s part of a stunning landscape of the mountains, rivers, forests and beaches of Port St Johns. Situated on the South East coast of South Africa, Second Beach is served by the Umzimvubu River and is close to the Indian Ocean.

But amongst all this natural beauty and mix of dramatic landscapes, is a deadly problem. Second Beach holds the (almost certainly unwanted) title of the most deadly area for shark attacks on humans in South Africa.
The majority of shark attacks here are caused by bull sharks (also known as Zambezi sharks) and in one recent five year period, there were eight shark attacks where people have lost their lives. One even occurred after a man was attached by a shark in water that was only waist deep.

Despite this, this area of coastline is popular with swimmers and surfers. But anyone entering these waters does so at their own risk. As its not only shark attacks that make it dangerous, but strong currents too, that make these very dangerous waters indeed, especially for anyone who isn’t a strong swimmer. So take heed!


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