10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Cape Tribulation – Australia

Cape Tribulation - Australia

Having struggled to navigate Queensland’s jagged reefs in 1770, Captain Cook gave Cape Tribulation a name that summed up his troubles. Some 250 years later it remains fitting. These days, the main dangers come not from the reefs that hampered Cook’s approach, but the hazards that await holidaymakers. Thinking about paying a visit? With warm waters, golden sands and rainforest vistas, we don’t blame you. But please don’t underestimate the perils.

Deadly jellyfish lurk in the ocean here, meaning a stinger suit is a must. Thousands of crystal clear Box Jellyfish live in Cape Tribulation warm waters from October to early June. This jellyfish specie is very dangerous as their venom attacks the cardiovascular system which can cause swimmers to drown before reaching land for help.

If that wasn’t enough, Cape Tribulation beach is infested with saltwater crocodiles, so it might be best to avoid the water altogether. That the crocs sometimes head onto the beach means the sands are not safe either, whilst in the forest, dangerous cassowaries stalk amongst trees that themselves pose dangers. Look out for jagged leaves and poisonous plants, or follow Captain Cook’s example and head elsewhere.


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