10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Juhu Beach – India

Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, sits Juhu Beach. This beach is popular with the rich and famous including the high earners from Mumbai’s mega metropolis and stars from Bollywood movies. This vast beach in one of the wealthiest areas of Mumbai attracts a vibrant tribe and it’s certainly not the most quiet of beaches to visit.

Whilst you’ll get a glimpse of life in one of the busiest cities on earth, it’s difficult to find peace and quiet, so it’s best not visited if you love a relaxing sunbathe on a beach. That said, the sunsets are a must see and the vast array of food stalls offering delicious food and snacks make this place a buzzing one.

But what makes this beach deadly is what beach goers, revellers and joggers leave behind ‘ mountains of waste. Juhu Beach is the most polluted beach in Mumbai and there’s hardly a square inch of beach that doesn’t have some kind of debris left on it. If plastic pollution upsets you, then avoid Juhu Beach at all costs. Another factor is that this beach is situated under the flight path for the bustling Mumbai airport, with planes regularly, and loudly, flying low overhead.


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