10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

The Red Triangle – California, USA

Stretching for 200 miles, this slice of Californian coastline is far removed from the glamour and sass that Cali is famous for. The Red Triangle Beach runs from Bodega Bay (to the North of San Francisco) to the Big Sur (to the South of Monterey), and is famous for something really quite deadly.. sharks.

It’s thought that just short of 40% of the great white shark attacks reported in the whole of America happen here. And that equates to 11% of the total attacks the world over. So if you’re looking for a safe swim, perhaps the waters off the Red Triangle Beach aren’t for you.

Hungry sharks are kept well fed by the large populations of unsuspecting sea lions, elephant seals and sea otters. But like us, sharks like to mix things up a bit and are fond of a ‘nibble’ of human flesh. Although we are reliably informed that they do in fact prefer sea creatures to sea faring humans. When they do attack humans, it’s thought to be out of curiosity. So that’s ok then. Despite this, these waters are popular with thrill seeking surfers, windsurfers, divers and swimmers looking for what could possibly be the experience of a lifetime. We wouldn’t recommend it unless you know exactly what you’re doing!


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