10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Dumas Beach – India

Feeling brave? You’ll need to be. Dumas Beach is not one for the faint of heart. Once a burial ground and cremation site, this is an eerie place that has long been rumoured to be haunted. You might not believe in such things, but spirits are said to wander the sands here. People claim that they heard strange voices coming from the beach, even when its desert. Think it’s all poppycock? Perhaps. But people do disappear from Dumas and this is not a spot to spend time alone.

Located close to sprawling Surat in India’s Gujarat state, Dumas enjoys a picturesque position on the sparkling Arabian Sea. But locals tend to give it a wide berth and tourists are often advised to find somewhere else to lie back and relax in the sun.

The ghosts might be little more than a myth, but the giant wild and deadly king cobras that often slither onto the warm sands here are all too real. Whether it’s the spooks or whether it’s the snakes, you should weigh up all the potential dangers before deciding to spend the day at Dumas.


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