10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Gansbaai – South Africa

Gansbaai ranks amongst South Africa’s top tourist spots. But the main attraction is the thing that makes this place so dangerous. Thinking about taking a dip in the cool Atlantic waters? Be aware that the ocean here is teeming with deadly Great White Sharks.

These are fearsome predators indeed, but it is possible to get up close and personal. Local operators offer cage diving experiences for those keen to come face to face with a real-life Jaws. This does minimise the risks. But still, it’s a pursuit that we’re reluctant to recommend.

Despite the obvious dangers, some swimmers still take to the waters here. But this is a perilous pastime and a risk that is not to be taken lightly. Make no mistake: get it wrong and you could pay the ultimate price. If you really must enter the ocean, a protective cage is a sensible precaution. But our best advice is to find something else to do — with whale watching a much safer alternative for marine life lovers.


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