10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Playa Zipolite – Mexico

Playa Zipolite might look like paradise, but this is a resort that has a darker side. It is known in these parts as the ‘Beach of the Dead’. This is a fitting nickname.

Located on Mexico’s picturesque Pacific Coast, Zipolite proves popular with surfers, backpackers and nudists. But those entering the warm waters here are taking their lives in their hands. So great are the dangers, drownings are not uncommon, especially if you swim on the west end of Zipolite, the rip tide that runs along the rocks could very much drawn you.

Zipolite’s big waves beckon surfers and those keen to catch a swell. But dangerous rip currents present constant hazards, whilst powerful undertows often sweep the unsuspecting far out into the ocean. If you are drawn out to sea, it may be difficult to swim directly back to shore since you will be swimming against the current that pulled you out. Still the surfers come – and still the accidents occur. Don’t want to be the next victim of the Beach of the Dead? Head elsewhere along the Oaxaca coast, where the water conditions are more favourable, and the risk to life not so great.


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