10 Deadliest Beaches In The World

Staithes Beach – UK

Seeking the perfect spot to swim? There are better options than Staithes. For one thing, the waters on the North Yorkshire coast are far from warm. But for those taking a dip here, there’s much more to worry about than the temperatures.

Staithes Beach enjoys a scenic setting, but don’t be fooled. The North Sea waters here are far from clean. Considered amongst the most polluted coastal stretches in Europe, this is a spot that has failed to meet minimum standards time and time again.

The problem here is agricultural waste, with farm sewage from neighbouring fields prone to drain into the sea during periods of bad weather. Offshore breakwaters exacerbate the issue, trapping pollutants in the harbour and preventing dilution. Seeking the perfect spot to swim? With ecoli, meningitis, typhoid fever and hepatitis A all a risk to those who ignore the warnings, there are better options than Staithes.


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